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About Form 668-W(c)(DO)

IRS Wage Levy Notice What about the IRS levy on your bank account? This can happen if the IRS is auditing your account for delinquent taxes. If the IRS garnishes your bank account for unpaid taxes or delinquent accounts such as credit cards or student loans, you must give it to the IRS as outlined in Chapter 7 of Publication 15, U.S. Code, Part 60, Subpart A, Bankruptcy and Estate Administration. The IRS also may ask to inspect your bank account to verify your identity and the information is stored on their system. The IRS wants to know where you keep your money and how your finances are structured. Be sure to let the IRS do that before accepting the offer. What if a state has a sales tax? The IRS may levy on goods or services when filing return or when an employee is liable for sales tax. You should check with your state to see if they levy, if the IRS will levy, and if employees are exempt or not. For more information on this practice go to the IRS website. Are state and local government employees exempt from the Federal Income Tax? No. According to 14 CFR § 301.77, “There are special rules for self-employment income of state, county, municipal employer(s), and local government employer(s).” The IRS tax code specifically exempts employees of governments for whom there is a bona fide personal relationship, even if the employee works for two or more governmental agencies. See Rev. Pro. 2008-38 (IRB No. 96-27). Are contractors exempt from Federal Tax? Yes. It is fair to classify any business not having a regular business relationship as a contractor. In general, the contractor is a person who, in addition to performing actual work under contract, undertakes substantial personal activities in a trade or undertaking for which the person receives remuneration from public funds. The contractor is not an independent contractor because the person, rather than the business, should have paid personal income taxes. In addition, a taxpayer can be a contractor for federal income tax purposes if the contractor does business in the United States solely with the same taxpayer for one year or more. For details on contractors get the Federal Tax Guide at the IRS website. What if you had a partner in a business that you carried on as a self-employed person? In that case you would have to pay FICA tax and would be considered a self-employed person.

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FAQ - Form 668-W(c)(DO)

What is the purpose of Form 668-W(c)(DO)?
Filing a Form 668-W(c)(DO) is intended to obtain the IRS's response to your questionnaire that you filed with regard to Form 4868 in the previous year. If a taxpayer's return was required to have been filed (even for an extension), the taxpayer must file and pay the due under tax. You must be prepared to file your return by the due date (generally, the due date listed on your return). What are the documents and information required to be shown on your Form 668-W(c)(DO)? Each separate page of the form contains the following information: the taxpayer's name, address, social security number (SSN), and date of birth, the type of individual filing (individual, partnership, small business, trust, estate, or individual/entity), the gross income of the individual or entity, whether there are tax liabilities for the individual or entity, whether there are any tax credits or other items for the individual or entity, the type of tax liability, and A certification or declaration from any official or governmental authority that the return is accurate and complete. What should a taxpayer do if he/she wants to file a Form 668-W(c)(DO)? Filing a Form 668-W(c)(DO) is not required by law. However, if you have any questions about filing your return, ask for guidance from this office. Note: If your return is certified, you will have certain tax obligations when you file the return and pay the tax due under tax. See Taxpayers who file tax returns with an original or amended return will have certain tax obligations when they file the tax return; see Taxpayers who file tax returns with either a certified or unsigned tax return. If you are a resident alien, you should consult your tax advisor for information on filing a return. What procedures are available for a resident alien who does not qualify for Form 668-W(c)(DO)? If a resident alien did not file a tax return for the tax year, or does not meet the other criteria of Form 668-W(c)(DO), your return is exempt unless any one of the following applies: You had an increase in your gross income. You had a casualty for an injury to business or property. You became eligible for a refund.
Who should complete Form 668-W(c)(DO)?
A taxpayer should complete Form 668-W only if the taxpayer is exempt from tax because of an invalid tax liability, the taxpayer has already filed Form 668-W, and the taxpayer intends to complete Form 668-W by the due date for filing with respect to the preceding taxable year of activity. Form 668-W does not need to be filed with respect to activity that began before June 28, 2005, even if the taxpayer would otherwise need to file Form 668-W. For more information, see Publication 527, Tax Guide for United States Corporations, for Individuals. When must I complete Form 668-W? Form 668-W can be completed only before or after the due date for filing with respect to the taxable year. Do I need to complete Form 668-W for each year of activity? A taxpayer who is exempt from tax primarily because of a tax liability for a prior taxable year that is invalid and that will become invalid because of the filing of this tax return, should complete Form 668-W for each year of invalid activity. An individual who is subject to tax primarily in a prior year because of a tax liability that is not invalid and that will become invalid because of the filing of this tax return has other options for completing the required tax form. See Pub. 936 (PDF) and Form 1040X (PDF) (both of which are available from the IRS Website at, and in the Revenue Procedure 2012-24 (Dec. 29, 2012), but with a different return address and tax code). When can I use Forms 5471-X (Form 5471-X is a return of income and should not be filed) for an examination? To determine if an examination is justified, an examiner will consider whether an individual is required to report any gross income on U.S. income tax return, whether the individual has a tax liability in which income tax is not due, whether the tax liability for the return bears no reasonable relationship to the taxpayer's ability to pay the taxes due, and whether the taxpayer could be required to file Form 1040X (PDF) with respect to this return. Generally, the individual who is subject to the examination can only be considered “not in compliance” with the tax law if the examination justifies such a determination.
When do I need to complete Form 668-W(c)(DO)?
The period for filing Form 668-W(c)(DO) is 10 years from the date the requestor last did any of the following: (1) Form and title application, or (2) Application for a Certificate of Registration(COR), (COT), or (COT-E) and registration certificate (COT) from the State or local tax authority. File Form 668-W(c)(DO) by April 15th from the time the requester last filed, as indicated on the first page of the Form 668-W in boldface type, the IRS acknowledgement letter(s), and any other information required. If the Form 668-W(c)(DO) is not completed by April 15th, the IRS will presume that the requester does not intend to complete the form. How can request information be provided? Contact the IRS at or via E-mail [email protected] to: Include in the email subject line, “Form 668-W request.” Can I file Form 668-W(c)(NI) or Form 668-W-BI for all tax returns and reports issued during the period of 12 months from the date (i.e. from the return due date for the current tax period or 12 months from the date of the return due date for a prior tax period) that I am entitled to the records? No, this request is only valid for tax returns and/or reports for which you are entitled to the records. If you are unable to locate your returns or reports you are entitled to, contact the IRS E-File Center at. You can also request to have the entire 12-month period extended for your records. Can I request to have the full time frame be extended for my records? For taxpayers entitled to information within 12 months of the date when you request it, you must file Form 668-W(c)(NI) or submit Form 668-W(c)(B) and attach the completed form for extension of the time to file to the IRS E-File Center. For taxpayers entitled to information within 12 months of the date when you submit a request for the documents, you must file Form 668-W-BI and attach the completed form.
Can I create my own Form 668-W(c)(DO)?
You can create and fill out your own Form 668-W, but unless you can prove (and the officer finds) you cannot afford the child's care, if you do submit a Form 668-W, you may be assessed a fee under IRC 6050H. Can I obtain a Child and Family Services order? You can obtain a Social Security number for yourself and your partner through the NLS. You also can apply for a Social Security number for yourself and your partner through NLS. Furthermore, you can obtain a new driver, license & ID card or social security number under NLS. If you are unemployed, you may be automatically placed on public assistance if you can't obtain a job, even if you are able to work.
What should I do with Form 668-W(c)(DO) when it’s complete?
When Form 668-W(c)(DO) is completed, you are eligible to request refunds or credits for additional federal income taxes withheld. You can also request a refund on Form 1040X, as well as for the Social Security and Medicare taxes withheld from your tax refund. When Form 668-W(c)(DO) is not completed, you are not eligible to request an extension nor are you eligible to request a refund (Form 1040). What should I do the day after the date your Form 668-W(c)(DO) is mailed? The day after your Form 668-W(c)(DO) is mailed, you must file a paper return including the Form 668-W(c)(DO) and other applicable tax documents and pay any applicable tax due. Note There are no extensions, refunds, or credits if your Form 668-W(c)(DO) does not fully compute your tax liability. Any tax due is due at the time you file Form 2106/2106A. If you file and remit electronically, your estimated tax payments are adjusted by your estimated tax payments as of the due date (not the date of the return). You may choose to make adjustments, and you will need to remit estimated payments at the time of the tax assessment. Also, you must remit estimated tax as of the due date (not the date of the return), and you must provide the correct filing status and taxpayer identification number (TIN). If you file Form 1040NR, and you expect to have liability for tax for any month during the tax year, you should file a paper Form 1040NR with your electronic payments (Form 1040X). If you do not file a paper Form 1040NR, you cannot file a return for that month. If you file a Form 1040NR, and you expect to make an income tax payment, you should follow these steps at the time the Form 1040NR is filed. Step 1: If you made a refundable tax payment of 1,025.00 or more, then you must submit your Form 1040NR by mail. Step 2: If you made a refundable payment of less than 1,025.00, then you must fax the return to the appropriate tax office and give a copy to: The IRS. Internal Revenue Service Attn: Payroll Deductions Compliance P.O.
How do I get my Form 668-W(c)(DO)?
You may download Form 668-W either via the “E-file” link located at the top of your Forms page or on your CDR's web page, if you reside in the USA on the CDR's home page (and not at the CDR's web page). For information on how the CDR's web page is displayed, see the “CDR's Web Page Display” chart on the CDR's web page. This chart is a summary of the display information displayed on the CDR's web page. It explains why some portions of the CDR's web page are displayed differently from other portions of the CDR's web page, and which portions are displayed in the manner that is most useful for you when you are viewing your Form 668-W. How do I see all the information on my form at a time when it is not electronically filed? If you would rather view your Form 668-W electronically on your computer and only have paper copies at your work station, you may download the Form 668-W to your CDR's web page. On the CDR's web page, select File, then Download a PDF. Save the form to your device's hard drive, and access the PDF while you are at your work station. Return to Top Form 668-W(a) Electronic Filing Procedure (PDF) What information is required on this Form? You may enter any other relevant information you choose in the space provided in the section titled “Other Information.” You will receive a printed copy of Form 668-W and the original of the original statement. What does it mean to send a “Statement of Exempt Organizations and Individuals” (Form 668-W(a)/SSA Form 7020-A)? This form is a document that you file electronically with the Social Security Administration, so it may be electronically filed by the SSA. An e-file is a computer program that allows you to easily file electronically and access your data electronically, by using a word processing, spreadsheet, database, or presentation program in use by a computer. If Form 668-W/SSA Form 7020-A is filed online, the Form 668-W/SSA Form 7020-A will be accepted as amended by the SSA, and the statement will be sent to you electronically by the SSA.
What documents do I need to attach to my Form 668-W(c)(DO)?
The only document that you're required to attach to your Form 668-W(c)(DO), that you don't already have attached to your Form 668-W and any related return, is Form W-2. You can check Form W-2 online, or download Form W-2 Instructions for an applet. If you're still having trouble getting your tax return. Here are a few steps to take: Contact the IRS Service Center nearest you. For a searchable listing of each Taxpayer Assistance Program (TAP) location click here. Make a complete copy of your form. For an applet click here, or download the applet and have it on your computer. You may need a software program to scan and print these documents electronically. Once you have your documents copy, scan all additional documents needed to complete your return by using or a similar service. You can start online on our page, complete your return, and upload or attach files. If you want more detail or assistance, contact the Regional Service Center nearest you.
What are the different types of Form 668-W(c)(DO)?
These are two types of Forms 668-W(c)(DO): If you need to file Form 668-W(c)(DO) and you're not married to the person you're filing for, you can get Form 668-W(c)(DO) from him/her (the personal representative) or a family member. And you're not married to the person you're filing for, you can get Form 668-W(c)(DO) from him/her (the personal representative) or a family member. If you're married for tax purposes to the person you're filing for, you'll need to get Form 668-W, SS-7 (W2G), Schedule D and Form SS-2 (for the spouse) from the person you've married. You don't always have to go this far, but some people choose to do this. There's no fee for you to do this. If you're filing for someone who also files a Form 668-W, you'll need to provide the following information to the employer of the employee you're filing for if the employer needs to know or the spouse of the employee you're filing on behalf of. This is one form you must file with Form 668, even if you don't have to file it with your Form W-2 (or pay a Form 1125 tax on Form 668). You must file Form 668-W(c)(O) to report the amounts for which you're withholding from your employee's paycheck or by electronic transfer to the Department of Social Security. You need to report amounts you must withhold for all Social Security benefits for a year to an employer. Furthermore, you must file Form 668-W(c)(O) once a year to report the last month of wages you withheld from an employee, even if the employer's last check was in February or March. Furthermore, you file Form 668-W(c)(O) either with Form 668 or Form 668-WPAX if you filed a Form 668-W as an employer. If you want to report amounts withheld by electronic transfer to the Department of Social Security, you must file Form 668-WPAX, even if you filed Form 668-W with Form 668.
How many people fill out Form 668-W(c)(DO) each year?
The IRS considers the amount of Form 668-W(c)(DO) tax returns received each year to be tax refundable. This year taxpayers filed an estimated 2.4 million Forms 668-W(c)(DO) and the estimated refundable refund amount per taxpayer was 6.8 billion. When does Form 668-W(c)(DO) need to be submitted? Most taxpayers are required to prepare their income taxes using the most current published versions of the official IRS Publication 1471 for the calendar year the tax return is due. As a result, most of the taxpayers will need to file their Form 668 (or other similar) form within 6 months of the deadline. However, taxpayers who file their tax returns on paper for the year should be prepared to file their 668 by this year's due date. If you or your spouse filed Form 668-W(c)(DO), must you file a follow-up Form 706? The IRS has proposed to change the follow-up date or time that taxpayers file Form 706 to be earlier than the due date of their 668 form. However, if you filed Form 668 in the same calendar year as filed a follow-up Form 706, you are not required to file a follow-up form (if you filed a regular Form 706) and can choose to complete the regular reporting deadline for Form 706, the return for which is due by the due date of their 668. Can a taxpayer prepare tax records on paper? No: The IRS and the IRS OMB have issued an advisory memo recommending that you prepare tax records on computer instead of on paper. In the IRS opinion memo, the IRS advised that taxpayers should consider electronic filing to allow them the advantage of being able to retain the original records when needed. The IRS stated: The advantages of a digital filing system are significant in many situations, as it is difficult for a taxpayer to lose information and the system is more accurate. However, the benefits are outweighed by the disadvantages when the system is used in the manner described above, because the system is not infallible. In many cases, a taxpayer can accidentally delete, shred, or destroy data or files and a taxpayer cannot immediately retrieve those files from the system. If the information is available, such as in a written record in a file, a taxpayer must be able to retrieve the information when requested and with current due dates.
Is there a due date for Form 668-W(c)(DO)?
I'll be filing with the IRS about a month after the original due date. No. The due date for Form 668-W(c)(DO) is April 18, 2016. Can I amend the Form 668-W(c)(DO) to correct a mistake in the information on the tax return? Yes. If you have corrected a mistake in the information on your tax return, you can amend the Form 668-W(c)(DO) to correct the information on the tax return. See Correct Any Obvious Mistake on Tax Return. Am I required to file with the IRS a new request for Form 668-W or Form 668-G? No, you are not required to file a new request for Form 668-W. You may also attach a copy of the updated form 826 to the previous form. If you need advice whether to file a new Form 668-W or Form 668-G, call us.
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